Sports Trio website and Instagram posts


Sports Trio is a sports center. It’s mission is to cultivate a love for sports in children, so they grow healthy and full of energy.

The center also arranges training sessions for adults, equipping them for sports competitions.

The goal — is to design a website what engages adults to enroll their children to a sports class.

Parents seeking to enroll their children in a sports class tend to be highly conscious of safety and comfort conditions. That's why a dedicated block of information on these aspects was added.

In Sports Trio, the sports classes change frequently, so the section dedicated to sports is designed in a way that is easy to alter. Same design adapts to two formats: small and large.

Specific sports pages don’t just describe sports — they tell stories and aim to inspire. To help people decide if they want to enroll or not, every page shows how the lessons go and establishes connection with the instructor.

Instagram posts adopt styles from the website, allowing a single visual to be repurposed for various goals. This approach not only maintains consistency but also proves time-efficient.

Special thanks
Thank you, Daria, for your flexibility and for generating ideas on how to contribute more to the project.

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