Money Gum

Student media about economy, investment, and startups — in Telegram. I was leading the project in it’s first 4 months of existaning.

The goal — is to increase financial literacy of students at the HSE university.

Problem. Students tend to find financial topics boring. They are difficult to understand and the value you get from doing it is unclear.

Solution. We were choosing financial topics that have some relation to young people in general and students in particular:

vs — was a popular topic in Russia, even among those not involved into politics
vs — was a popular topic in Russia, even among those not involved into politics

We aimed to explain these topics as easy as possible. We established different formats, suited best for each kind of topics:

“Cards” — to explain a topic that doesn’t require a full article
Tops and compilations — for movies, books, and youtube channels
Number of the day — to explain news related to big cuantities
Relaxing posts — to dilute posts about money with posts about self-efficiency
Video interviews — where real reactions and opinions matter
Breakdowns — to explain big topics
Series — to explain even bigger topics that wouldn’t fit in one article

Part of the strategy was to put people at ease — show that the authors aren’t snobs, they are simple students, like the readers. So we aimed to make the illustrations fun and silly:

From an article about managing your time efficiently — every student is familiar with meeting tight deadlines
A compound interest. It’s a joke: compound means you multiply one percentage over another, it’s an financial tool
These are blue and red oceans — business terms for markets with low and high competition levels.

MoneyGum on Telegram
The media is still operating — for 3 years already.

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